Waterside Assistance

Marine Rescue Hervey Bay provides a full rescue service to mariners who experience vessel breakdowns or require assistance due to medical or other emergencies.

Marine Rescue Hervey Bay Membership starts at just $55 per year (Ordinary Membership) and covers you for breakdown assistance for all areas of Great Sandy Strait and the Hervey Bay area bounded in the north by a line from Theodolite Creek to Long Shoal and following the Break Sea Spit (North of Sandy Cape) along the western side of Fraser Island, through to a line between Stewart Island and Garrys Anchorage in […]

Radio Courses

There are 2 classes of Certificate, one being the SROCP, (restricted to VHF only) and the other being the LROCP. (Unrestricted and includes MF/HF).

If the Certificate is for your personal use only, the SROCP is the one easier to pass with less questions to answer. If you are aiming to work on a Commercial Vessel, join a Rescue Group, or own a MF/HF set then you will require the LROCP.

You must make a final decision at the time you lodge your Application Form or Online Application as to which test you wish to sit so the appropriate test papers can […]

Ashes Dispersal at Sea

For many years, VMR Hervey Bay has offered a service to the community which is a little different to most services available. That is, the scattering of ashes at sea. Normally, this is arranged by a family member or friend of the deceased, however, it can also be organised prior to ones passing, much like the pre-payment of one’s own funeral.

More people are now using this service, finding it refreshing for those who have had a connection with, or a love of the sea. With families spreading to different towns or cities, states or even countries, times of visiting a […]