You can support Volunteer Marine Rescue Hervey Bay QLD by applying to become a member.

Apply or Renew your membership online or download our Membership Application Form. Member benefits can include FREE* Assistance, FREE attendance at Member Information Sessions and much more…

SO$ Membership

  • Entitles you to your first 2 tows / assists per membership year FREE* of charge.

Ordinary Membership

  • You will pay the price of the fuel used at the current bowser price or a minimum charge of $50.00

General Membership

  • For those without a Boat. Support your local community.

Visitor Membership

$400030 Days
  • Entitles you to one tow / assist per paid period FREE* of charge. Choose when to start!

How to Join

Apply or Renew your membership online or download our Membership Application Form.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees as of Sep 2016

SO$ Membership$90.00/yr
Ordinary Membership$55.00/yr
General Membership
(Without Boat)
Visitor Membership
(Available ONLY to visitors to the Fraser Coast)
$40.00 (30 days ONLY)
Additional Vessel$40.00
Working MemberFirst Year – $55.00
Renewal – $5.00
Working Member
(Without Boat)
First Year – $11.00
Renewal – $5.00
Membership is for the person/s & the named vessel, together.

* A  ceiling of $500.00 applies to SO$ Membership and $200.00 applies to Visitor Membership.
Any cost over the ceiling will be charged to the Member.
All prices quoted are in AUD and includes GST.
The SO$ option is applicable only to recreational vessels used for private purposes and excludes all vessels being used commercially.


Is the membership with the boat or person?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

The membership goes with both the vessel and the nominated users, but does not stay with the vessel if you sell it. If you sell the vessel or buy a new vessel you must change your details on the membership form.

When is the Membership Period?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

From 1st April to 31st March  the following year for existing members or on the anniversary of joining for new members.

Except in the case of GOLD Membership. Details below.

How much does it cost to become a member?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

If paid on or before your renewal date, the fees are:

SO$ membership: $90, Ordinary membership; $55 and Member without a Boat: $11

For more information on fees and charges, please click the Membership Fees Tab above.

How can I join?2020-01-05T11:34:30+10:00

You can

  1. Sign Up Online,
  2. Download and complete Membership Application Form, then either email, post or hand deliver to our office at 1 Buccaneer Drive Urangan QLD 4655,
  3. Drop in to the office and let our friendly staff assist you.
What payment methods do you have?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

Payments can be made by cash or EFT at the base, EFT via Internet Banking, Credit Card over the phone by calling 07 4128 9666 or secure payment online using your Credit Card.

What if I forget to renew my membership?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

We send out reminder notices, after that you are unfinancial and you will be charged the same rate as a non-member.

What training do you have for ordinary members?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

We have an Information Night every 3 months, and offer radio licensing course in both Long Range operators Certificate Proficiency (LROCP) and Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP)

What is a Working member?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

A Working member is a person who gives his or her time to volunteer with Marine Rescue Hervey Bay.

How do I become an working member?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

Firstly you have to fill out the Working Member Form indicating what you may be interested in doing, then if you have satisfy our criteria , you will be contacted for an interview by our unit training coordinator, who will then explain the process for the area you wish to join.

What will you do for me if I breakdown and I am a member?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

If you are an SO$ member you have two free activations up to the total value of $500 in the membership year any fuel cost over the total value will be charged to the member  at the bowser price or a minimum charge of $50. As an Ordinary member you will be asked to pay the price of the fuel used at the current bowser price or a minimum charge of $50

What will you do for me if I am not a member and I break down?2018-03-24T11:50:35+10:00

If you are not a member you will be charged double the bowser price of the fuel that is used to assist you. A minimum callout fee of $100 applies.

Will you tow me to my launching place?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

Yes, provided it is safe for us to do so and is within our area of operation.

Do you have to tow my boat back?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

No. Our main priority is the safety of people at sea. Whilst we will make every endeavour to assist you and your vessel, sometimes this isn’t possible. If this occurs you will be transported on our vessel back to our base where alternate arrangements can be made. We do not undertake salvage.

Can I log on if not a member?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

Yes certainly, but we will need your vessel registration number, POB (People on Board), Destination and Mobile Phone number and other details about your vessel.

What happens if I forget to log off?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

We will try and make contact with you via the information on record, and if this fails we have to advise the local water Police.

Your rescue vessel uses a lot of fuel – why?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

Our rescue vessels are built to a commercial standard, therefore are much heavier than the normal pleasure craft, so more weight means more fuel is used. We also need the additional power for towing larger vessels and safe operation in heavy seas whilst undertaking towing operations.

Do we have reciprocal membership with other VMRs and Coast Guards?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

We now offer a reciprocal rights deal for any Queensland VMR members (who belong anywhere from Gladstone south). If you get a tow in our area, we will only charge you 1.5x the fuel that we use. (A non-member is charged TWICE the cost of the fuel we use).

As a VMR Hervey Bay member, if you need an assist from Gladstone to Bundaberg area you will be charged 1.5x the fuel used, which can be claimed back against your Hervey Bay membership. In the Brisbane/Gold Coast area you will be charged $100 per hour for an assist.

What radio frequencies do you monitor?2021-12-22T08:56:21+10:00

Our normal working channel is VHF 73; we monitor VHF CH 16, 67, and 22.

Do you receive government support?2018-03-24T11:50:34+10:00

Yes we do, but it is the same amount of funding as we received in 1999. This now only covers our insurance and communications. All other funding is generated internally.