For many years, VMR Hervey Bay has offered a service to the community which is a little different to most services available. That is, the scattering of ashes at sea. Normally, this is arranged by a family member or friend of the deceased, however, it can also be organised prior to ones passing, much like the pre-payment of one’s own funeral.

More people are now using this service, finding it refreshing for those who have had a connection with, or a love of the sea. With families spreading to different towns or cities, states or even countries, times of visiting a family grave with flowers on a Sunday afternoon are becoming less popular, and a dispersal of ashes at sea is now seen as a fitting and final tribute.

VMR Hervey Bay dispersal ceremonies usually take place just outside the Urangan Boat Harbour.  If the deceased, or their family wish for a dispersal in the open ocean, this can certainly be organised. Family and friends are invited to accompany us on Rescue vessels, and depending on the number of people who wish to watch the ceremony, a number of Rescue vessels can be utilised.

Most seem to prefer a small civil ceremony.

Memorial ceremonies can also be arranged whereby relatives can be taken to the area where a dispersal took place, so that flowers can be placed on the water in remembrance of the deceased.

Dispersals, and or ceremonies can be conducted on any chosen day and at a required time. Travel arrangements of relatives can also be given consideration.

Ceremonies are short, usually of 15 – 20 minutes duration, with flags flown at half-mast while relatives and vessels arrive and depart the VMR pontoon.

All we ask for this service is a donation of $250.00

Please contact VMR Hervey Bay on Ph 07 4128 9666 if we can assist you and your family in this time of sadness.